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Cannondale Synapse Reviews

Summary of reviews for the Cannondale Synapse

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Cannondale Synapse bike models, including the the Cannondale Synapse Carbon, and the Cannondale Synapse Alloy. There is a total of 5 reviews from some well-known cycling websites and we've also included links to retailers who have a good number of customer reviews. In addition there are also some historic reviews, so you can see the track record of this particular range of bikes. You can also compare prices and check for discounts on any of these bikes. We check over 10 of the main cycle shops listed.

We've found 6 shops that stock the Cannondale Synapse range, with a total of 102 bikes listed.

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Cannondale Synapse Carbon

Amongst the reviews is one from Cycling Weekly from 2016 (covering the 105 model) and mentioning the comfort features and ride position, which are designed to fit with this bike's position aimed at the endurance cycling market. This review for the Cannondale Synapse Carbon also mentions the frame: which considering it is carbon, is assessed as high quality for the price, giving stability at speed and the upgrade possibilities as the wheels could easily be changed for a lighter set, together with a brake upgrade to match the quality of the frame. This review includes a rating of 4.5/5.

Bike Radar from 2014 (covers the 5 model) and comments on the all round capability, giving this bike a lead in its class which also made it the Cycling Plus bike of the year. Also the review mentions the speed and comfort: which is exceptional, whether you are racing all day on different surfaces or flat out downhill, where it is very secure and stable and in addition, the upgradeability as the basic bike design is so good, its easy to change components and move your bike up through the performance levels. Overall this reviewer gives the bike a 5.0/5 rating.

There is a review from from 2015 (covering the Ultegra Disc model) which firstly emphasises the fast ride, if you decide to have a speedy ride, the balance of frame and fork stiffness, with the light weight, means you can get your head down and race. Also mentioned in this review is the smooth ride: which is due to a great combination of frame quality and geometry, which allows very long rides with the minimum of fatigue, combined with the good brakes using Shimano hydraulic discs, with good power and modulation, making this bike ideal as a fast all-year, all-rounder. If you're interested in ratings, this review gives the bike a 4.5/5.

Cannondale Synapse Alloy

Reviews include from 2015 (covering the 105 Disc 5 model) and describing the comfort, which allows this bike to be used on all road surfaces, all day, without too much vibration or road defects giving you fatigue. It also comments on the balanced performance: which ideally suits those who are new to road cycling, but also want to get some speed up on a bike that is still easy to handle, plus the value for money demonstrated by the ability of this bike to fit in with whatever type of cycling you want to do.

There is a review from Choose My Bicycle from 2016 (covering the 105 Disc model) which firstly emphasises the good comfort, with a pliant and forgiving frame as a result of the suspension technology built into it, which soaks up bumps and poor road surfaces. Also mentioned in this review is the smooth gearing: which is a result of the established 105 drivetrain components, also providing a good range of gears for most cycling outings, combined with the all round capabilities that result from the bike being designed as an endurance road machine, with a relaxed, stable and predictable behaviour, aided by the disc brakes that stop on anything. If you're interested in ratings, this review gives the bike a 4.0/5.

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