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Although they are probably best known for mountain bikes, there are still highly rated Cube road bikes available and you can find good discounts on several of them here, as the 2013 models take over gradually from the Cube 2012 bikes in the shops. That's a good opportunity to pick up a discount or cheaper Cube road bike than was possible last year. No doubt you'll be able to find special offers throughout the first part of the year, so best to check back here regularly.

There are 71 discounted Road Bikes here from Cube and the largest saving is £700.00 for the Agree GTC SLT Di2 2014 available from Cycle Surgery. The largest percentage discount is 39% for the Town City Bike 2013 available from Chain Reaction Cycles. You'll find a range from the Cube LTD CLS City Bike 2013 at £279.00 saving around £160.0, all the way up to the Litening Super HPC Race Compact Teamline 2014 at £2718.00, saving £681.0.

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We've highlighted some details on the most popular bikes below:

Cube Agree Bikes

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Cube Agree Bikes

We've currently found 14 discounted Cube Agree bikes, which include the Agree GTC Road Bike 2014 for £839.0 and the Cube Agree GTC SLT Di2 Blue 2013 Road Bike for £2239.2. Chain Reaction Cycles,  Cycle Surgery,  Hargroves Cycles,  currently have these bikes in sales or featured in clearances offers.

The biggest percentage saving is 30% on the Cube Agree GTC Road Bike 2014, giving a saving of £360.00 and on sale at Chain Reaction Cycles

The Cube Agree road bike is mid level priced and divided into two groups: the 2010 Agree and new for 2011 the GTC range, the latter being a new monocoque frame including more high technology feature and additional comfort for long rides.

Each group is split into 3 specifications; starting with the Pro model, then the Race and at the top the Cube Agree SL.

Cube Aerial Bikes

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Cube Aerial Bikes

We haven't found any of these bikes at discount at the moment, but you can still view all bike prices using the link above or the left hand menu.

This bike is a highly adaptable 27 speed drivetrain model, for anyone who enjoys both training and riding. The Cube Aerial is available in a single version at an entry price point.

Cube Litening Bikes

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Cube Litening Bikes

Overall, there are 4 sale Cube Litening bikes are available at discounts, these include the Litening Super HPC Pro 2014 for £1799.0 and the Cube Litening Super HPC Race Compact Teamline 2014 for £2718.0. Chain Reaction Cycles,  Cycle Surgery,  Hargroves Cycles,  are featuring discounts on these bike models in a sale.

The biggest percentage saving is 21% on the Cube Litening Super HPC Pro 2014, giving a saving of £500.00 and on sale at Cycle Surgery

This range of road bikes is exclusively high end, comprising carbon framed models from Cube, designated by 'Super HPC' in the name, although not all retailers include this. They range from the Cube Litening Pro and Race up to the top Litening SL model, with an increasing level of specification with the main variations being the wheels and drivetrain.

You can also find the Cube Litening HPT version, which has a titanium frame.

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