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Cube Stereo Bike Reviews and Ratings

Summary of reviews for the Cube Stereo

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Cube Stereo bike models, including the the Cube Stereo 140, the Cube Stereo 160, and the Cube Stereo 120. There is a total of 6 reviews from some well-known cycling websites and we've also included links to retailers who have a good number of customer reviews. In addition there are also some historic reviews, so you can see the track record of this particular range of bikes. You can also compare prices and check for discounts on any of these bikes. We check over 10 of the main cycle shops listed.

We've found 6 shops that stock the Cube Stereo range, with a total of 101 bikes listed.

Cube Stereo 140

Reviews include Mountain Bike Rider from April 2015 (covering the HPC Race model) and describing the value, which refers to the bike having an amazing specification for the cost, with a great build and fork. It also comments on the stiffness: that's combined with a light weight, although the bike doesn't quite handle as well as expected, plus the geometry which is good for most riders, but doesn't entirely suit more aggressive riders, as the top tube is relatively short. This site rates this bike at 4.0/5.

Bike Radar has a review from (covering the Super HPC model) and detailing the frame, that's carbon, super-light and future proofed in terms of being able to upgrade higher specification components at any time. There are also good comments about the trail ride capabilities: which are stunning as long as you are into more enduro style riding than rough terrain racing and the responsiveness in that you can get a rapid response to any level of power input which also being able to flick or nudge the bike around trouble. This review gives a rating of 4.0/5.

Cube Stereo 160

Bike Radar has a review from 2014 (covering the Super HPC model) and detailing the all round ability, in that there isn't anything on a trail that this bike can't tackle well and as a result the value for money is fantastic. There are also good comments for the Cube Stereo 160, about the adaptable suspension: which has enough travel for rough terrain, while the frame geometry gives stability when agility is necessary and the responsiveness because the bike is designed with a great mix of stiffness and lightness. This review gives a rating of 4.5/5.

There is a review from Singletrackworld from 2014 (covering the HPC Race model) which firstly emphasises the combination of lightness and stiffness, being great on climbs and easily maintaining speed on faster trails. Also mentioned in this review is the easy rolling: which is helped by the 650b tyres, while maintaining the agility of a 26er, combined with the stable suspension with the trail setting working well on fast sections and the descent mode making short work of anything except highly technical rock areas.

Cube Stereo 120

Amongst the reviews is one from Mountain Bike Rider from 2014 (covering the HPC Pro model) and mentioning the low weight, giving the bike good efficiency if you're riding all day on trails. This review also mentions the tight geometry: which suits fast trail riding and fire-road climbing, rather than technical sections and the gearing that makes it suitable for climbing smooth variable gradient trails with ease.

Reviews include Enduro MTB from Dec. 2014 (covering the HPC Race 29 model) and describing the responsiveness, as a result of the light weight and geometry its easy to transmit your power into speed. It also comments on the stable climbing and descending: which is the result of quite long chainstays, plus the handling which varies a fair bit; the bike is great on relatively easy trails but can be a bit vague and tricky to handle if you change direction suddenly.

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