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Review Summaries for the Genesis Croix De Fer

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Genesis Croix De Fer bike models, including the and the Genesis Croix De Fer. We have found 3 reviews on this bike range, on well-known cycling websites and also a collection of customer reviews on cycle retailers' sites. Its also possible to check the review history to some extent, so we've included some of those. You can also check for discount sales and compare prices from over 10 top cycle shops.

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Genesis Croix De Fer

Reviews include from Feb 2016 (covering the Titanium model) and describing the all-day comfort, because of the long wheelbase, relaxed head angle and the general performance of the titanium frame in smoothing out the ride. It also comments on the brakes: which are hydraulic and progressive, bringing you to a rapid, safe stop on a variety of surfaces, plus the upgrade possibilities because the bars, stem and seatpost are pretty average. You could also just buy the frame and build something up from scratch.. This site rates this bike at 4.0/5.

There is a review from from 2013 which firstly emphasises the do-it-all versatility, as this bike is equally at home with bit of road speed, or changing the tyres and going off road, or loading it up for touring. Also mentioned in this review for the Genesis Croix De Fer, is the gearing: which is aimed at giving you plenty of choice whether you are on steep hills on a track or have some speed to maintain on the road, combined with the wide tyre choice because the wheels are equally suitable for mountain bike tyres, faster road tyres or puncture proof commuting. If you're interested in ratings, this review gives the bike a 4.5/5.

Amongst the reviews is one from Bike Radar from 2014 mentioning the fun to ride, as it has stable and neutral handling making it a great blend between the practicality of a cyclocross bike and the speed of a road bike. This review also mentions the long ride suitability: which is courtesy of the steel frame for comfort and the adaptability of the gear ratios provided and the disc brakes that give the bike reliable braking, whether you are racing at speed or have the bike loaded up with panniers. This review includes a rating of 4.0/5.

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