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Kona Process Bike Reviews and Ratings

Summary of reviews for the Kona Process MTB

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Kona Process bike models, including the the Kona Process 134, the Kona Process 153, and the Kona Process 167. There is a total of 5 reviews from some well-known cycling websites and we've also included links to retailers who have a good number of customer reviews. In addition there are also some historic reviews, so you can see the track record of this particular range of bikes. You can also compare prices and check for discounts on any of these bikes. We check over 10 of the main cycle shops listed.

We've found 3 shops that stock the Kona Process range, with a total of 4 bikes listed.

There are also 9 bikes available at discount prices. Here are the top 5:

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Kona Process 134 Cr 29er Mountain Bike Large 2020 X-Large - Powder/Black
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Kona Process 134 Cr 29er Mountain Bike Large 2020 Small - Powder/Black
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Kona Process 134

Amongst the reviews is one from Mountain Bike Rider from 2015 mentioning the frame strength, as it is very solid and will take all sorts of shocks and abuse without problems. This review also mentions the ride: that is designed for the bold and tracks really well even on very bad terrain because of the build and rear suspension and the front fork which was felt to be under-specification for the cost of the bike. This review includes a rating of 4.0/5.

Dirt Rag Magazine from 2015 for the Kona Process 134, (covers the SE and DL model) and comments on the compact design of the SE, which successfully caters for the smaller, lighter rider, whether male or female. Also the Kona Process 134 review mentions the lively handling: for anyone that likes to get their wheels off the ground and have some serious fun and speed on rough terrain and in addition, the solid component choice with a great 11 speed gearing range which will adapt to more or less wherever you take the bike.

Kona Process 153

There is a review from Freehub Magazine from (covering the DL model) which firstly emphasises the ride quality, which makes the bike very agile and manoeuverable on all sorts of difficult, twisty and rough terrain. Also mentioned in this review for the Kona Process 153, is the forks: that get praise for delivering exactly what they should: big travel with stability and good adjustability, combined with the fun to ride with good gearing for the climb and a fantastic reward when you get on the downhill run.

Bike Radar from 2014 (covers the DL model) and comments on the ride, which gives great confidence whenespecially on fast and tricky downhill sections. Also the review mentions the suspension: that is progressive and maintains composure whatever the terrain or hits it endures and in addition, the climbing which is pretty good unless you have a lot of it, when the combination of weight and tyres can take the edge off the enjoyment. Overall this reviewer gives the bike a 4.0/5 rating.

Kona Process 167

There is a review from from 2014 which firstly emphasises the downhill handling, gives you great confidence on account of the bike's ease of coping with jumps, bumps and all sorts of technical areas. Also mentioned in this review is the geometry: which is best suited to bike parks, tricks, big air jumps and rail berms that need rapid and flexible handling, combined with the components that seem well matched for purpose, especially the suspension, but perhaps not as good for the money as you might expect.

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