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Lapierre Zesty Bike Reviews and Ratings

Summary of reviews for the Lapierre Zesty MTB

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Lapierre Zesty bike models, including the the Lapierre Zesty AM, and the Lapierre Zesty TR. There is a total of 5 reviews from some well-known cycling websites and we've also included links to retailers who have a good number of customer reviews. In addition there are also some historic reviews, so you can see the track record of this particular range of bikes. You can also compare prices and check for discounts on any of these bikes. We check over 10 of the main cycle shops listed.

We've found 3 shops that stock the Lapierre Zesty range, with a total of 11 bikes listed.

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Lapierre Zesty AM

Bike Radar has a review from July 2015 detailing the suspension, that incorporates smart technology that measures shock acceleration and pedalling speed to set the spring compression.. There are also good comments about the trail suitability: with a history of being a top performing trail bike. and the stability as it seems possible to push the bike that bit harder than previously, while still maintaining good feel and composure. This review gives a rating of 4.0/5.

Bike Radar from October 2015 comments on the light frame, which is almost 500g lighter than previous models, although the component specification isn't quite as good as it could be.. Also the review mentions the ride: giving a lively, involving and capable bike that responds well to being thrown about. and in addition, the suspension has been improved to give a more composed ride at the back when faced with big hits from bad terrain.. Overall this reviewer gives the bike a 4.0/5 rating.

Lapierre Zesty TR

Flow Mountain Bike from 2015 comments on the geometry, which combines a long top tube with short stem to give a confident riding position. Also the review mentions the smooth suspension: helped by the automatic sensors and compression adjustment and in addition, the components that are well balanced with Sram chosen for both drivetrain and wheels.

Reviews include Mountain Biking Australia from April 2015 describing the handling, which is excellent combined with the frame stiffness. It also comments on the suspension: is described as being active, responsive and supple, plus the general design that is well balanced, apart from perhaps an opportunity to improve the fork.

Bike Magic has a review from August 2014 detailing the Speed, easy to get up and maintain high speed, especially at trail centres with challenging terrain. There are also good comments about the Accuracy: when it comes to pointing the bike where you want to go and relying on it following directions, the carbon fibre frame is stiff enough and the Stability which results from the low stance, although some bigger forks might help.

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