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Ridley Road Bike Sales

There are 9 discounted Road Bikes here from Ridley and the largest saving is £1360.99 for the Excalibur 1206a Ultegra Di2 Bike available from Slane Cycles. The largest percentage discount is 49% for the Liz C Tiagra - 2018 Road Bike available from Hargroves Cycles. You'll find a range from the Ridley Liz C Tiagra - 2018 Road Bike at £775.00 saving around £774.99, all the way up to the Noah RS Ultegra 11-Sp 1304B Bike Black White Red at £1999.99, saving £920.0.

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If you're a cyclocross enthusiast then the name of Ridley Bikes will probably not be new to you. They are best known for their roots in that side of cycling, developing their bikes in Flanders in Belgium, where it is a popular regional sport. As a result of making some of the fastest bikes for coping with the varying conditions, Ridley bikes have been used by many winning cyclists in cyclocross championship events.

Although there's a limited number of Ridley stockists, you'll find some good deals on last year's models, as the new ones appear in the cycle shops.

We've highlighted some popular bikes below:

Ridley Cyclocross Bikes

Ridley X-Bow, X-Ride, X-Night, X-Trail

We haven't found any of these bikes at discount at the moment, but there are 15 bikes on sale which you can see using the link above or the left hand menu.

These are Ridley's most versatile bikes, available in a variety of specifications all the way from the basic X-Bow range starting at around £700, up to the top X-night and X-Trail bikes approaching £3000 for really serious cyclocross competition.

However nature of these bikes also makes them great for those who want a reliable, performance disc-braked model for making quick progress on the road when commuting, touring and any other activity that demands a strong bike.

Ridley Road Bikes

Ridley Fenix and Helium

There are 4 Road bikes available at discounts, including the Fenix C Tiagra - 2018 Road Bike for £929.99 and the Ridley Excalibur Lotto Replica Bike Ultegra Di2 for £1899.0. Hargroves Cycles,  Slane Cycles,  have a sale on these bikes and various offers available.

The biggest percentage saving is 41% on the Ridley Excalibur 1206a Ultegra Di2 Bike, giving a saving of £1360.99 and on sale at Slane Cycles

These are the current bikes in the road-going collection, with the Fenix providing a all-rounder balance between high performance, comfort and durability. There are several specifications in the range, covering from around £1000 to £3000 for the top carbon model.

The Helium name is a bit of a giveaway; the design of this bike is concentrated on lightness, combined with rigidity, with no compromise. The Helium is made for acceleration and speed.

In this price range you can also find the Ridley Liz, which is a women's specific road race bike.

Ridley TT Triathlon Bikes

Ridley Noah and Dean

Overall, there are 2 sale & bikes are available at discounts, these include the Noah RS Ultegra 11-Sp 1304B Bike Black White Red for £1999.99 and the Ridley Noah Ultegra Mix - 2017 Road Bike for £1999.99. Hargroves Cycles,  Slane Cycles,  are featuring discounts on these bike models in a sale.

The biggest percentage saving is 31% on the Ridley Noah RS Ultegra 11-Sp 1304B Bike Black White Red, giving a saving of £920.00 and on sale at Slane Cycles

These are aimed at competitive cyclists for whom aerodynamic performance is paramount and this level of design for speed doesn't come cheap. The Noah is the choice for very fast road racing, ranging from around £2500 to £5500 and comes with all the established low drag design points that you would expect.

If you're in top level TT or Triathlon events, the Dean is specifically designed for that, although you might need some sponsorship to afford the price tag.

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