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There are 30 discounted Road Bikes here from Scott and the largest saving is £2640.00 for the Addict SL - 2017 Road Bike available from Hargroves Cycles. The largest percentage discount is 44% for the Addict 15 2016 Road Bike 52cm (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display) White/Blue available from Evans Cycles. You'll find a range from the Scott Sub Cross 20 Lady - 2017 Hybrid Bike at £449.00 saving around £250.0, all the way up to the Addict SL - 2017 Road Bike at £6159.00, saving £2640.0.

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There are lot of models to choose from in the 2018 Scott road bike range, including hybrids and some high specification commuter bikes. If you have researched and looked at the top performance racing bikes, with your eye on a particular model then it may be possible to pick up a 2017 Scott road bike at a good discount, although they do not feature that widely in clearance sales, so you'll have to be quick on your feet. Check back here regularly for the latest information or use our RSS feed.

We've highlighted some popular bikes below:

Scott Addict Bikes

Scott Addict Bikes

We've currently found 10 discounted Addict bikes, which include the Addict R3 Bike Size Medium for £1199.99 and the Scott Addict SL - 2017 Road Bike for £6159.0. Evans Cycles,  Hargroves Cycles,  Slane Cycles,  Tredz,  currently have these bikes in sales or featured in clearances offers.

The biggest percentage saving is 44% on the Scott Addict 15 2016 Road Bike 52cm (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display) White/Blue, giving a saving of £1304.00 and on sale at Evans Cycles

The Scott Addict is one of the most recognisable and common bikes to be seen in the pro peloton, featuring a carbon frame, forks and steerer and available in a wide range of specifications to suit budgets from entry-level road racers all the way up to the very top levels of competition. The range starts with the Addict R3, through the R2 and R15 to the Addict R1 and RC, which use the very highest quality and lightest components for every part of the bike.

Scott CR1 Bikes

Scott CR1 Bikes

There are 2 CR1 bikes available at discounts, including the CR1 30 - 2017 Road Bike for £944.0 and the Scott CR1 20 - 2017 Road Bike for £1149.0. Hargroves Cycles,  have a sale on these bikes and various offers available.

The biggest percentage saving is 32% on the Scott CR1 20 - 2017 Road Bike, giving a saving of £550.00 and on sale at Hargroves Cycles

Scott Speedster Bikes

Scott Speedster Bikes

Overall, there are 4 sale Speedster bikes are available at discounts, these include the Contessa Speedster 25 Womens - 2017 Road Bike for £629.0 and the Scott Speedster CX 10 Disc - 2017 Cyclocross Bike for £1199.0. Hargroves Cycles,  are featuring discounts on these bike models in a sale.

The biggest percentage saving is 30% on the Scott Speedster 20 Disc - 2017 Road Bike, giving a saving of £315.00 and on sale at Hargroves Cycles

The Scott Speedster bikes represent the entry-level road offering based around aluminium frames with carbon forks, using higher specification drivetrain and braking components as you move up the price range. The models start with the Speedster S50, progressing through the S30 and S20 to the S10 at the top, including some flat handlebar versions along the way. You will also find women's Contessa Speedster bikes, identified by a number "5" in their names, for example "S25".

Scott Sportster Bikes

Scott Sportster Bikes

We haven't found any of these bikes at discount at the moment, but there are 37 bikes on sale which you can see using the link above or the left hand menu.

In Scott's hybrid range of bikes you will find a comprehensive variety under the Sportster nametag, covering more or less every possibility from the entry-level with the Sportster 60 at a price of a few hundred pounds, up to the Sportster 10 at around £1000. All these bikes have been designed with convenient, comfortable riding in mind, whether you are using them for touring longer distances or just recreational fun.

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