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Scott Foil Bike Reviews and Ratings

Summary of bike reviews for the Scott Foil

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Scott Foil bike models, including the the Scott Foil Team Issue, and the Scott Foil. There is a total of 5 reviews from some well-known cycling websites and we've also included links to retailers who have a good number of customer reviews. In addition there are also some historic reviews, so you can see the track record of this particular range of bikes. You can also compare prices and check for discounts on any of these bikes. We check over 10 of the main cycle shops listed.

We've found 1 shops that stock the Scott Foil range, with a total of 33 bikes listed.

Scott Foil Team Issue

Cycling Weekly has a review from 2015 detailing the acceleration, that is sharp and immediately responsive to sprinting without compromise. There are also good comments about the surprising comfort: which has been improved over the last model, giving a decent ride despite being an aero racing bike and the great components especially the wheels and frame which combine to give a super fast race bike. This review gives a rating of 4.5/5.

Reviews include Bike Radar from February 2016 describing the ride, which gives you full aero race winning capability, while also remaining acceptably comfortable over longer distances. It also comments on the speed: as a result of excellent frame rigidity and responsiveness, plus the braking which copes well with all conditions to give confidence at speed. This site rates this bike at 4.5/5.

Scott Foil has a review from 2015 (covering the 10 model) and detailing the great comfort/speed mix, as the aero design and stiff frame allow rapid speed changes, but without too much discomfort if you are on a long race. There are also good comments about the weight/speed balance: as Scott have made the bike aero enough without causing undue frame flex and the versatility because you can use this bike for variable speed races or time trials and triathlons. This review gives a rating of 4.0/5.

There is a review from Outside Online from 2012 (covering the 20 model) which firstly emphasises the choice of specifications, which allows you to fit your level of component performance to your budget. Also mentioned in this review for the Scott Foil, is the balance of speed and comfort: with the aero design elements reducing drag on faster rides while the bike still handles like a standard racer on hills and drops, combined with the comfort despite being a fast race bike, there is enough flex to maintain a surprising level of comfort on long rides.

Velonews from 2016 comments on the comfort/speed mix, because Scott have designed the bike to be more accessible to riders who want speed but not at the price of being rattled and bumped for hours. Also the review mentions the integration: with the handlebar and stem, which allows for the neat tucking away of cables and in addition, the brakes which seem well balanced and strong enough for most conditions and speeds.

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