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Scott Genius Bike Reviews and Ratings

Summary of reviews for the Scott Genius MTB

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Scott Genius bike models, including the the Scott Genius, the Scott Genius LT, and the Scott Genius Tuned. We have found 7 reviews on this bike range, on well-known cycling websites and also a collection of customer reviews on cycle retailers' sites. Its also possible to check the review history to some extent, so we've included some of those. You can also check for discount sales and compare prices from over 10 top cycle shops.

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Scott Genius

Singletracks has a review from July 2015 (covering the 930 model) and detailing the versatility, while at the cross-country trail end of the bike ranges, it can tackle all sorts of terrain and can also be modified easily. There are also good comments for the Scott Genius, about the suspension: has excellent design accompanied by TwinLoc remote to control both front and rear shocks at the same time and the upgrades could be made to the tyres and the forks to give more travel and a bit more grip.

There is a review from Bike Radar from August 2015 (covering the 750 model) which firstly emphasises the ride, which is well balanced overall but quite tricky to adjust to cope with heavier terrain. Also mentioned in this review for the Scott Genius, is the stability: in that the bike is quite stable at speed on relatively smooth trails and gives good confidence on descents, combined with the value for money which is only average, as there are a lot of other bikes with somewhat better specifications at the same sort of price. If you're interested in ratings, this review gives the bike a 3.0/5.

Amongst the reviews is one from International MTB Magazine from 2015 (covering the 950 model) and mentioning the value, characterised by a very balanced group of components which all did their job well. This review also mentions the versatility: as it has been designed for all day use on varying terrain for the entry level mountain-biker and the stability holding its momentum and control well, although some suspension adjustments are advisable for best performance.

Scott Genius LT

Freehub Magazine from 2014 for the Scott Genius LT, comments on the versatility, as this bike can be used successfully as an all-mountain, trail or enduro machine. Also the Scott Genius LT review mentions the learning curve: is pretty gentle with easy adjustments that can be made on the trail and in addition, the components that all match each other in quality and performance, so there is no obvious weakness and plenty of strengths. Overall this reviewer gives the bike a 5.0/5 rating.

Reviews include Mountain Bike Rider from June 2015 (covering the 710 model) and describing the travel, is designed to cope with very rough terrain and it does that really well. It also comments on the geometry: which also gives stability on the steepest unpreditable gradients, plus the weight which for the price was somewhat disappointing in using quite a bit of energy to get the bike up to speed.

Scott Genius Tuned

Mountain Bike Rider has a review from 2016 (covering the 700 Plus model) and detailing the traction, which is exceptional especially in damp slippery trail conditions. There are also good comments about the easy rolling: despite having larger than normal tyres and the fun ride on account of its manoeuvrablity.

Amongst the reviews is one from Bike Radar from Jan 2016 (covering the 700 Plus model) and mentioning the climbing traction, that is extremely high. This review also mentions the adaptable suspension: being easy to change between suspension modes and the confident ride as the bike is very surefooted over all sorts of difficult terrain. This review includes a rating of 4.0/5.

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