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Specialized Allez Bike Reviews and Ratings

Review Summaries for the Specialized Allez Road Bike

In this section we have summarised reviews on several of the Specialized Allez bike models, including the the Specialized Allez, the Specialized Allez Sport, and the Specialized Allez Comp. We have found 7 reviews on this bike range, on well-known cycling websites and also a collection of customer reviews on cycle retailers' sites. Its also possible to check the review history to some extent, so we've included some of those. You can also check for discount sales and compare prices from over 10 top cycle shops.

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Specialized Allez

Cycling Weekly has a review from July 2015 detailing the frame, having high quality, giving a combination of comfort and stiffness. There are also good comments for the Specialized Allez, about the ride: providing ease of handling, speed and stability and the gears with ratios designed for adaptability to include easy hill climbing. This review gives a rating of 4.0/5.

Amongst the reviews is one from Bike Radar from March 2012 mentioning the handling, with excellent race bike behaviour. This review for the Specialized Allez also mentions the frame: which has obvious high quality construction including fork and the ride that's smooth fast and comfortable. This review includes a rating of 5.0/5.

Evans Cycles from 2015 for the Specialized Allez, comments on the ride, which is light and comfortable, but stiff enough on the road to feel solid even in heavy traffic. Also the Specialized Allez review mentions the handling: gives a stable bike with fast acceleration from standstill and in addition, the value compared to higher specification bikes for the overall quality. Overall this reviewer gives the bike a 5.0/5 rating.

Specialized Allez Sport

There is a review from Bike Radar from Jan 2016 which firstly emphasises the balance, handling suits many different rides and styles. Also mentioned in this review is the wheels: solid and wide enough to give some extra volume in the tyre, combined with the ride excellent mix of comfort, control and speed. If you're interested in ratings, this review gives the bike a 5.0/5.

Amongst the reviews is one from The Bike Affair from June 2015 mentioning the ride, which is excellent, particularly vibration damping and dealing with bad surfaces. This review also mentions the details: because Specialized seem to have attended to them more than other brands and the wheels that are really strong and can cope with most things you throw at them.

Specialized Allez Comp has a review from Oct 2015 detailing the race feel, which gives a compact and aggressive ride position. There are also good comments about the frame: using a combined alloy frame with carbon fork with great appearance and the upgrade possibilities for the wheels which could make a big difference. This review gives a rating of 4.0/5.

Cycling Weekly from March 2016 comments on the frameset, which is high quality aluminium and well finished. Also the review mentions the drivetrain: using 105 components apart from the chainset and in addition, the weight this is pretty good for the price if you want an aluminium frame.

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