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There are 14 discounted Mountain Bikes here from Trek and the largest saving is £4000.00 for the Session 99 DH RSL 275 Mountain Bike 2017 Viper Red available from LeisureLakesBikes. The largest percentage discount is 44% for the Session 99 DH RSL 275 Mountain Bike 2017 Viper Red available from LeisureLakesBikes. You'll find a range from the Trek Skye SL 2018 Womens Mountain Bike 17.5 Inch (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display) Green at £350.00 saving around £125.0, all the way up to the Session 99 DH RSL 275 Mountain Bike 2017 Viper Red at £5000.00, saving £4000.0.

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As we move towards the new cycling season, you can find a good range of 2017 Trek mountain bikes available at a discount in various sales. That includes full suspension, hardtail, cross country and downhill models, which are often being replaced by the new 2018 Trek MTB's. Even if there are only small changes to the new bikes, the retailers at some point have to move the earlier models out and because of Trek's large MTB range, this happens quite regularly and is likely to continue for some time.

We've highlighted some popular bikes below:

Trek Fuel Bikes

Trek Fuel Bikes

We've currently found 3 discounted Fuel bikes, which include the Fuel EX 8 29 - 2017 Mountain Bike for £2080.0 and the Trek Fuel EX 9.8 29 - 2017 Mountain Bike for £3200.0. Evans Cycles,  Hargroves Cycles,  currently have these bikes in sales or featured in clearances offers.

The biggest percentage saving is 28% on the Trek Fuel EX 9 29 2017 Mountain Bike Silver - 15.5 Inch, giving a saving of £900.00 and on sale at Evans Cycles

This is the most popular full suspension bike available from Trek and ranges from the mid priced aluminium framed Fuel EX 5 up to the EX9 series carbon framed mountain bikes. Trek have made the Fuel range into a very usable and comfortable singletrack bike that will cope with a wide range of surfaces and demands. These bikes all come with 120 mm of travel with a gradual increase in specification as you move up in the range which is as follows: Fuel EX 5, EX 6, EX7, EX8, EX9. The basic Fuel costs just over £1000 and the top model is around £6000 worth.

If you are into full race competition, then you also have the option of 100 mm travel into the Top Fuel range comprising the 8 and 9 series which are available in both aluminium and carbon frames, with less forgiving but highly effective race components.

Trek Remedy Bikes

Trek Remedy Bikes

There are 4 Remedy bikes available at discounts, including the Remedy 8 - 2017 Mountain Bike for £2080.0 and the Trek Remedy Carbon GX Eagle 30 Custom Build 2017 195 inch Black for £4150.0. Hargroves Cycles,  LeisureLakesBikes,  have a sale on these bikes and various offers available.

The biggest percentage saving is 37% on the Trek Remedy 99 Race Shop Limited 275 Mountain Bike 2017 Black/Red, giving a saving of £2250.00 and on sale at LeisureLakesBikes

If you are intending to race over extremely challenging and/or technical courses which will require extra travel in the suspension, then the Trek Remedy provides 150 mm of suspension movement. As with the other mountain bike ranges, the Remedy is available for around £2000 for the basic aluminium framed model and up to £6000 if you want a carbon frame. These bikes will give you a great combination of performance for climbing as a result of their lightweight and also tolerance for rapid descending.

Trek 4 Series Bikes

Trek 4 Series Bikes

Overall, there are 2 sale 4 bikes are available at discounts, these include the Domane ALR4 Disc 2017 for £1200.0 and the Trek Powerfly 4 Womens Electric Mountain Bike 2018 Charcoal for £2070.0. Cycle Surgery,  LeisureLakesBikes,  are featuring discounts on these bike models in a sale.

The biggest percentage saving is 14% on the Trek Domane ALR4 Disc 2017, giving a saving of £200.00 and on sale at Cycle Surgery

The Trek 4000 series is a long-standing hardtail bestseller at the entry-level for those who want basic enjoyment, leisure riding, comfortable trail touring on holiday or any other general use. They feature a modest 100 mm of travel which should be sufficient for most uses at this level.

Trek Scratch Bikes

Trek Scratch Bikes

We haven't found any of these bikes at discount at the moment, but there are 0 bikes on sale which you can see using the link above or the left hand menu.

If you are not afraid of gravity and the impacts that come with it, then the Trek Scratch might be the bike for you, with a massive 180 mm of coil suspension travel on the front and 170 mm on the rear. This is a bike for serious and perhaps scary rides through trees over logs and rocks and probably downhill at high speed.

Trek 6 Series Bikes

Trek 6 Series Bikes

You can find 5 discounted 6 bikes currently on sale, including the Neko SL Womens Hybrid Bike 2016 Matte Navy for £399.0 and the Trek Domane SL 5 2018 Road Bike 60cm (Ex-Demo / Ex-Display) Blue for £1550.0. Evans Cycles,  LeisureLakesBikes,  have some clearance sales on these bikes.

The biggest percentage saving is 33% on the Trek Neko SL Womens Hybrid Bike 2016 Matte Navy, giving a saving of £201.00 and on sale at LeisureLakesBikes

At the next level up comes the Trek 6000 series of hardtail MTB's ranging from a price of just under £1000 to around £1500, depending on specification. They also come with 100 mm of travel, but include components for increased performance, ruggedness and reliability for those riders who like to get out and about on more serious trail challenges.

If you want to move up in specification, Trek also make two more ranges of hardtail MTB comprising the 8000 and 9 series, with the top models using carbon frames and suitable for full race performance culminating in the Trek Elite 9 models.

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