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The new year is a good time to look for discounted 2012 Trek road bikes and if you're lucky with your timing, there may be some of the famously named models available on special offer, such as various Trek Madone's. Amongst these bikes you can also find the extensive range of hybrids in various specifications, some of which are usually on offer and that will include 2013 Trek hybrid bikes as well.

There are 121 discounted Road Bikes here from Trek and the largest saving is £1300.00 for the Emonda SLR8 2015 Road Bike available from Rutland Cycling. The largest percentage discount is 50% for the St Tropez Women's Hybrid City Bike White available from Scotby Cycles. You'll find a range from the Trek St Tropez Women's Hybrid City Bike White at £274.84 saving around £275.16, all the way up to the Trek Emonda SLR 9 H1 2015 at £6630.00, saving £1170.0.

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We've highlighted some details on the most popular bikes below:

Trek Madone Bikes

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Trek Madone Bikes

We've currently found 6 discounted Trek Madone bikes, which include the Madone 21 2015 for £800.0 and the Trek Madone 5.2 H2 Compact WSD 2013 Womens for £2400.0. Cycle Surgery,  Evans Cycles,  LeisureLakesBikes,  Scotby Cycles,  currently have these bikes in sales or featured in clearances offers.

The biggest percentage saving is 25% on the Trek Madone 52 Compact H2 Racing Road Bike 2014, giving a saving of £701.00 and on sale at LeisureLakesBikes

Amongst road racers the Madone is probably the best known Trek bike, on account of its incredibly successful history in the Tour de France. The basic principles and design that have contributed to this success have also been adapted to make affordable Trek Madone road bikes available by using aluminium frames. As a result, this bike is available in several series starting with the entry-level Madone 3 series and finishing with several thousand pounds worth of high specification racing bikes in the Trek Madone 6 carbon range.

Trek 1 Series Bikes

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Trek 1 Series Bikes

There are 8 Trek 1. bikes available at discounts, including the 1.1 2014 Road Bike for £398.99 and the Trek 1.5 C H2 2014 for £650.0. Evans Cycles,  Rutland Cycling,  have a sale on these bikes and various offers available.

The biggest percentage saving is 30% on the Trek 1.1 2014 Road Bike, giving a saving of £176.00 and on sale at Rutland Cycling

This range of bikes represents Treks entry-level road bike for leisure and recreational use and it's available in a wide variety of specifications including compact and triple versions. Gradually higher grade components are used as you move from the cheapest Trek 1.1 bikes at a few hundred pounds up to the Trek 1.5 versions at nearer £1000.

The Trek 2 series takes a step up in components, using carbon front forks and a selection of higher grade drivetrain and braking parts.

Trek FX Series Bikes

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Trek FX Series Bikes

Overall, there are 13 sale Trek FX bikes are available at discounts, these include the 72 FX 2015 for £300.0 and the Trek Trek 7.5 FX 2015 for £650.0. Cycle Surgery,  Evans Cycles,  LeisureLakesBikes,  Rutland Cycling,  Scotby Cycles,  are featuring discounts on these bike models in a sale.

The biggest percentage saving is 29% on the Trek 72 FX 2015, giving a saving of £125.00 and on sale at Cycle Surgery

The FX Series from Trek is a comprehensive range of hybrid bikes ranges from the basic 7.0 FX at around £400 to around £2000 worth when you get to the Trek 7.9 FX. Depending on your needs these bikes give comfort and easy riding for leisure, or with the higher specifications, plenty of ability to move fast during commuting or to take your bike on serious fitness rides. Typically, you will notice more expensive wheels, drivetrain and braking components as you move up the model range.

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